Friendly and Flexible Refund & Cancellation Policy!

A) To use the site 100% Free and avoid being charged entirely:
    Cancel during your trial by contacting us a) Via email at or 2) By Phone at 1-800-453-9178 (24/7!) or 3) By mail at 8212 Ithaca Ave Suite D4 Lubbock, TX 79423 or 4) Online at

Over 75% of our customers use the site without ever being charged. We do not earn revenue if you choose to cancel early, but we are glad to serve both paying and non-paying customers!

Additional & More Detailed Cancellation and Refund Information:

Happy customers make us Happy!

Here are our friendly refund and cancellation methods: Avoid any company which A) Makes it difficult to cancel or hides their cancellation info, B) Does not make it clear or hide the fact that there is a monthly subscription after your free trial, C) If they do not provide you with either confirmation page or welcome e-mai, or D) Promose you guaranteed earnings (if you are an investor).